The Sea of Monsters Character Descriptions

Rick Riordan
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Percy Jackson

This protagonist and narrator of the novel is 13 years old and a demigod. His father rules the oceans and his mother is a mortal.


This demigod at Camp Half-Blood is from Virginia. She is best friends with the protagonist and joins him on his quest to save Camp Half-Blood.


This character is friends with the protagonist from the Meriwether Prep school. As the story progresses, he is revealed to be a Cyclops.


This king of the titans has remains that are found in a sarcophagus on a ship. He intends to destroy Olympus and all of the gods there.


This demigod is the son of Hermes. In the course of this narrative, he stands as one of the main antagonists.


This character is the protagonist's father and the ruler of the seas.


This centaur serves as the activity director at Camp...

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