The Sea of Monsters Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Riordan
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Chapters 1 - 2

• NOTE: Citations in this Lesson Plan are based on the following version of the book: Riordan, Rick. The Sea of Monsters. Disney Hyperion, May 2, 2009. Kindle version.

• The Sea of Monsters is a young adult fantasy novel that is based on the characters, creatures, settings, and stories of Greek mythology.

• The narrative is related from the first-person perspective of the novel’s protagonist, 13-year-old Percival (Percy) Jackson, a demigod born of Poseidon and a mortal.

• Each chapter is titled in relation to its contents. Chapter 1 is titled “My Best Friend Shops for a Wedding Dress.”

• The chapter opens with Percy describing a nightmare in which his friend Grover, a satyr, is being apprehended by a dark figure in a setting that looks like Florida.

• Percy’s mother tells him that he may not be able to attend Camp Half-Blood this year, much to Percy’s confusion, and...

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