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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Screwtape advise it is good the new Christian is still going to church?
(a) Keeps him from noticing his faith is slipping away.
(b) Allows him to think he understands all about the Enemy.
(c) Keeps him alert to the sins of fellow churchgoers.
(d) Keeps his focus on empty ritual rather than substance.

2. According to Lewis, when should a person be uncritical of other Christians' practices?
(a) When the practices are similar to the church a person attends.
(b) When the practices involve the Enemy.
(c) When the practices are time consuming and demanding.
(d) When the practices do not involve actual sin.

3. What is a reliable tactic to use on a new Christian?
(a) Flit his thinking from Christianity to his neighbors in the pews.
(b) Stir childhood memories of God.
(c) Convince him the world is basically evil.
(d) Convince him the world is basically good.

4. What is the goal of true humility?
(a) To turn the person's attention to all sinfulness.
(b) To guarantee God is pleased.
(c) To guarantee salvation of the soul.
(d) To turn the person's attention to God and others.

5. Due to devilish ideas, what do people think about sexual satisfaction only through marriage?
(a) Only an uninformed fool would think that.
(b) This might work for very few people.
(c) A truly impossible notion.
(d) A truly distasteful idea.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is God's love viewed from Hell's standpoint?

2. How does the Enemy want the patient to view the future?

3. How does Screwtape describe the composition of a human?

4. What is the key point Screwtape tells about time?

5. What is always the primary goal of a fiend?

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