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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How should Wormwood try to portray Christianity?
(a) A cult with an absent leader.
(b) A mystery religion known only to the select.
(c) A massive group of befuddled people.
(d) A committee of clueless volunteers

2. What is Screwtape's view of the patient's new girl?
(a) She is a sincere Christian that in the old days would have been fed to the lions.
(b) She is of loose character and morals.
(c) She is dimwitted and easily manipulated.
(d) She is a sexual pervert who will be a good match.

3. What does Lewis think makes a person slave to the appetites?
(a) Strong attachment to what goes into the mouth.
(b) Reliance upon dieting.
(c) Vanity about food knowledge and food preparation.
(d) Disregard of the opinion of others about consumption.

4. What is Screwtape's description of the safest road to Hell?
(a) Total disbelief in fiends.
(b) A gentle slope without turns, milestones, or signposts.
(c) Regular opportunities for sexual liaisons
(d) Family and friends that enable a person

5. How should Wormwood encourage the patient to think concerning humility?
(a) Humility means self-denigration and denial of one's talents.
(b) Humility always gains favor with the worldly.
(c) Humility can mask the patient's sinfulness.
(d) Humility means agreeing with the sinful opinion of others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What virtue does Screwtape suggest will be lacking in the patient because of his new friends?

2. What does Screwtape say is the end result of the devil's Historical Point of View?

3. What is the name that issues policy for fiends?

4. What are the best sort of jokes?

5. When is Wormwood close to winning the soul of the patient in a faction?

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