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This letter introduces the idea that Christians are intelligent people with sound reasoning abilities.

Screwtape suggests reasoning, argument, and original thinking are creations of God so the better course for a devil to keep people from God is to focus on mundane things and confuse thinking with meaningless jargon. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the notion that reasoning and faith are incompatible.


1) Make a List: Have the students list 5 reasons why 'land of the free, home of the brave' could possibly be meaningless jargon.

2) Make a List: Have the students list 5 circumstances where 'think positive' is meaningless jargon.

3) Class Discussion: Discuss the question whether personal display of religious symbols ( wearing of jewelry, pictures in the home, statues, figurines in the home, etc.) contradicts reasoning in favor of faith or reinforces reasoning and faith

4) Homework: Write 2 paragraphs describing how obsessively checking...

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