The Screwtape Letters Character Descriptions

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This character is a highly experienced bureaucrat who is arrogant, superior-acting, wily, wise, diabolically clever, vicious, hate-filled, and vindictive.


This character is fairly new to the job at hand and in need of support and guidance because of carelessness and irresponsibility.

The Patient

This character has moral strength to resist temptation, to repent of sin, and to do one's duty in a humble manner.

The Patient's fiance

This seemingly virtuous character has moral strength and lacks spiritual pride.

God (The Enemy)

This character exudes pride and always responds with love.

Our Father Below (the Devil)

This character takes interest in all things, has difficulty understanding some basics, and seeks every opportunity to gain advantage.

Slubgob, the head of the Training College

This character has a position of importance, yet does less than an adequate job at it.


This character has one specific assignment and uses...

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