The Scorch Trials Short Answer Test - Answer Key

James Dashner
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1. What is referred to in Chapter 1 as "that horrible cube of cold metal that had delivered [Thomas] to the Glade and the Maze"?

The Box.

2. Who is sleeping in the bunk-bed above Thomas in the beginning of Chapter 1?


3. What creatures from the Maze torment Teresa as she tries to sleep in the beginning of Chapter 1?

The Grievers.

4. Whom does Thomas recall having been stabbed in the chest before he died in Chapter 1?


5. How many boys have survived the Maze, according to Thomas in Chapter 2?


6. What does the madman outside of Thomas's window say he is in Chapter 2?

A Crank.

7. What two words does the madman repeatedly scream outside of Thomas's window in the end of Chapter 2?

"Kill me."

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