Objects & Places from The Scorch Trials

James Dashner
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This weapon is used by a Crank to injure Thomas in the shoulder.


This name refers to a massive airship used by various reasons by the Creators.


These marks of identification appear on the necks of the Gladers.


This weapon is wielded by Teresa throughout the latter half of the novel.

Gas Chamber

This appears to be the method of execution for Thomas, but it turns out to cause him dreams from his prior life.


This name refers to a group of scientists that have sent the Gladers to the Glade and retains control over them in The Scorch Trials.

The Maze

This is the "test" that Thomas and the others have just completed at the beginning of The Scorch Trials.

The Box

This name refers to a cold metal apparatus that delivered Thomas to the Glade.


This is a manner of...

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