The Scorch Trials Character Descriptions

James Dashner
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This character is the principal protagonist of "The Scorch Trials." He appears to be in his late teens, is unfailingly kind, gentle, moral, but is often prone to despair and unhappiness.


This character is a beautiful teenage girl who has the ability to telepathically communicate with the protagonist.


This character is a member of Glade Group B and can also communicate telepathically with the protagonist.


This member of the Gladers and survivor of the Maze is trustworthy, friendly, and a good fighter.


As the declared and appointed leader of the Gladers, this character is a courageous, brave, and determined individual.


This character is an early stage Crank who is a native of northern Canada. She has been sent to the city to die.


An Hispanic man who controls a group of Cranks, this character concedes to sparing the lives of the protagonist...

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