The Scorch Trials Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Dashner
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Chapters 1-14

⦁ The Scorch Trials is the second novel in the young adult Maze Runner series by James Dashner.

⦁ The novel begins just after Thomas and the other teenagers known as the "Gladers" have completed an experiment called "The Maze" in the first book.

⦁ In Chapter 1, Teresa telepathically communicates with Thomas even though they are not being kept in the same dormitory room.

⦁ Teresa and Thomas are dealing with horrendous psychological problems following their time in the Maze, having gone up against horrendous creatures known as Grievers.

⦁ Thomas is later telepathically awakened by Teresa telling him something is wrong.

⦁ In Chapter 2, Thomas feels something disappear inside himself – and it is Teresa.

⦁ All around him, Thomas can hear the screams of the other Gladers, including Frypan, Newt, Minho, and Winston.

⦁ The source of the commotion is a broken window which reveals a hideous looking madman screaming that he is...

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