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Short Answer Questions

1. Antsy takes Lexie to what kind of concert in Chapter 9?

2. What breaks off the dummy when Antsy and his friends throw it off a bridge in their first experiment?

3. Where is the Schwa hiding when Old Man Crawley discovers him and Antsy in his home?

4. Why is the Schwa unable to steal a bowl from Old Man Crawley's home in Chapter 5?

5. Who is the better of the two cooks arguing in Chapter 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Night Butcher reveal about the Schwa's mother in Chapter 19?

2. How is Manny Bullpucky a metaphorical representation of the Schwa?

3. How is the concept of "trauma therapy" introduced?

4. What prized collection does the Schwa show Antsy?

5. What is the introduction between Lexie and the Schwa like in Chapter 8?

6. How does the Schwa discover Lexie and Antsy's relationship in Chapter 13?

7. What information is revealed in the confrontation between Antsy and Old Man Crawley in Chapter 21?

8. What does Antsy find at the Schwa's home when he goes to dinner with him in Chapter 6?

9. In what ways does the Schwa appear to fade from Antsy's life in Chapter 15?

10. What causes Antsy to leave with the Schwa in Chapter 7?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the symbolism and meaning of the Schwa's paperclip collection. From where are the paperclips gathered? When did the Schwa begin collecting paperclips? What do the paperclips represent to Antsy?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the plot structure of The Schwa Was Here. Where does the exposition take place and what is revealed? When does the rising action transition into the climax? What is the outcome in the denouement? How traditional is this plot structure?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and analyze the symbolism of Manny Bullpucky in the narrative. How destructible does Manny turn out to be? In what ways does Manny Bullpucky relate to the Schwa? How is this illustrated in Chapter 13?

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