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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What refers to an area to the side and slightly behind a driver's field of vision that is not reflected in the vehicle's rear view mirror?
(a) Blind spot.
(b) Danger quadrant.
(c) Suspicion area.
(d) Triangle of death.

2. In Chapter 4, children put bets on dares such as having the Schwa enter what location?
(a) The sorority house.
(b) Their parents' closets.
(c) The girls' locker room.
(d) The principal's office.

3. Antsy ensures that the Schwa cannot join him and Lexie on their outing by bringing down _________.
(a) Some homework.
(b) A shopping list.
(c) Two dogs to walk.
(d) Some dirty laundry.

4. In Chapter 10, who comes and finds Antsy at lunch?
(a) The Schwa.
(b) Antsy's mother.
(c) Antsy's father.
(d) Old Man Crawley.

5. Who films the throwing of the dummy off the bridge with his video camera?
(a) Ira.
(b) The Schwa.
(c) Antsy.
(d) Howie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the boys meet to discuss the Schwa in Chapter 2?

2. Who in the novel is mentally handicapped due to brain trauma?

3. Which of the seven deadly sins refers to an inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments?

4. The Schwa offers to give a prized clip to Antsy if he will give _________ in return.

5. What does the Schwa collect?

Short Essay Questions

1. What takes place as the Schwa begins to act out his dare in Chapter 5?

2. What causes Antsy to leave with the Schwa in Chapter 7?

3. What offer does the Schwa make Antsy in Chapter 9?

4. What leads up to the Schwa's outburst in Chapter 7?

5. What does Wendell Tiggor dare the Schwa to do in Chapter 4?

6. What new job does Crawley give to Antsy in Chapter 7?

7. What happens in the first experiment with Manny Bullpucky in Chapter 1, "Manny Bullpucky Gets His Sorry Butt Hurled off the Marine Park Bridge"?

8. What is the introduction between Lexie and the Schwa like in Chapter 8?

9. Where in school does Antsy encounter the Schwa in Chapter 3?

10. In what ways does Antsy relate to the Schwa in the novel? How does he feel about his own invisibility?

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