The Scarlet Pimpernel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Baroness Emma Orczy
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Chapter 1, Paris: September 1792, Chapter 2, Dover: 'The Fisherman's Rest', and Chapter 3, The Refugees

• The French Revolution has begun, and the aristocrats are being publicly executed by the Republic.

• The King and Queen have been imprisoned, and England is not stepping in because they have their own difficulties at the time.
• The Scarlet Pimpernel is an Englishman who has taken it on himself to rescue some of the aristocrats by himself.

• He goes in disguised and sneaks them out. He always leaves a note for Tinville with a small flower on it, a scarlet pimpernel.
• The Scarlet Pimpernel gets by the best gate guard in Paris by dressing up as an old woman with a grandson who has the plague.

• This is how he rescues Comtesse De Tournay and her children.
• Mr. Jellyband owns an inn where some of his patrons are complaining about the Revolution and the French refugees...

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