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Lori Alvord
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is in a larger supply since the nut harvest is much larger and needs to be stored away?

2. Harmony in the _______ also matters in terms of health, according to Alvord.

3. Alvord also tries to avoid _________ and arguments in order to help her baby stay calm.

4. On what day of the induction do the drugs begin to work in Lori's body, according to the book?

5. The IHS was also known for delivering ___________ care for those who went to use the facilities.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Alvord want to remember as she is experiencing the labor and its complications?

2. What is the problem with Melanie Begay's appendix surgery?

3. What is the elective surgery that Florena Woody has, which is generally complication free?

4. What is placed on Alvord's body during the c-section procedure?

5. What does Alvord's pregnancy cause her to become reacquainted with, according to the book?

6. What does Alvord find out from John when they go out for lunch together, according to the book?

7. Why does Alvord choose the name she does for her child during her pregnancy?

8. Why is Alvord encouraged to go see a medicine man during her pregnancy?

9. What happens when Alvord first becomes pregnant with her first child?

10. What does Jon tell Dr. Alvord when Jon's dog becomes seriously injured as a result of a car accident?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Navajo think that singing can help people bring their bodies back into a state of wellness.

Part 1: How do you think singing helps people begin to heal their bodies?

Part 2: Would you use a song in order to make yourself feel better?

Part 3: Why do you think a song might make a person feel better about their health issues?

Essay Topic 2

Alvord did not have a strong bedside manner at the start of her career, though she sought to change this.

Part 1: What are the benefits of having a positive bedside manner?

Part 2: What are some of the benefits of having a less than friendly bedside manner?

Part 3: Would you rather have a friendly doctor or a doctor who doesn't mince words? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Alvord has troubles with dissecting a cadaver as the Navajo believe the dead should not be touched.

Part 1: Why do you think it is not respectful to touch the dead, according to the Navajo tradition?

Part 2: Do you think Alvord should have dissected the cadaver anyway?

Part 3: What might you have done if you were in Alvord's position?

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