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Lori Alvord
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twelve, The Spirit Horse's Bridle.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Alvord decide to talk to in order to get the surgery to happen?
(a) Melanie's father.
(b) Melanie's brother.
(c) Melanie's grandmother.
(d) Melanie's mother.

2. Alvord tries to avoid a _________ disaster by ensuring the family makes the decision before the courts are called in.
(a) Ethical.
(b) Cultural.
(c) Biological.
(d) Medical.

3. Drunk driving arrests in Gallup exceed _________ per year, according to Alvord at the time of writing this book.
(a) 50,000.
(b) 10,000.
(c) 25,000.
(d) 100,000.

4. Alvord says her pregnancy allows her to become closer to all of the ___________ around her.
(a) Evil.
(b) Injustices.
(c) Errors.
(d) Suffering.

5. Thomas also knows parts of the nine day _________ ceremony.
(a) Chant Way.
(b) Moon Light Way.
(c) Star Way.
(d) Night Way.

Short Answer Questions

1. Florena ________, a patient of Dr. Alvord's, comes down with a disease and dies after surgery.

2. What is NOT one of the components of a normal Navajo diet?

3. Navajos do not dream of a __________, as this is not passed down to daughters in the culture.

4. Alvord respects her patients desire to have __________ before they have any surgery.

5. Traditionally, the Navajos are supposed to be in deference to __________, but Alvord make sure this didn't happen.

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