Objects & Places from The Scalpel and the Silver Bear

Lori Alvord
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Crownpoint, New Mexico - This is Alvord's small, largely Navajo, hometown.

Gallup, New Mexico - This is the locale of the GIMC and Alvord's medical practice.

The GIMC - This is Alvord's place of work for much of the book.

Dartmouth - This is the New Hampshire College where Alvord felt like an alienated outsider, save for the other Native American students.

Stanford - Alvord had a challenging, but rewarding experience in medical school at this school.

The Beauty Way - This is the Navajo philosophy of harmony in nature as a source of wellness in human beings.

The Silver Bear - This is the trinket that Alvord wore on a necklace that represented her Navajo heritage.

The Scalpel - This is the symbol of Alvord's life as a professional surgeon.

Chantways - These are the songs used for the purpose of healing.

Navajo Ceremony - Alvord...

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