The Scalpel and the Silver Bear Character Descriptions

Lori Alvord
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Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord - This person was the first Navajo female surgeon. Today, she serves as the Associate Dean of Students and Multicultural Affairs for Dartmouth at the Medical School. She also holds an assistant professorships in surgery and psychiatry.

The Navajo - Also known as the Diné, these people are currently the second largest tribe of Native Americans in the United States.

Grace Cupp - This is the grandmother, who was the closest family member and lived with her for many years.

Jon Alvord - This person is a husband and father of a child.

Robert Cupp - This person is an extraordinary man who ultimately succumbed to alcoholism.

Lujan - This person was assisted in the summers during medical school.

Carolyn Yazzie - This is one of most important patients who directly and indirectly taught the importance of integrating Navajo culture into a medical...

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