The Scalpel and the Silver Bear Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lori Alvord
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Introduction and Chapter One, Chantways

• This book is the story of Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord.

• Chantways are songs used to cure people.

• Dr. Alvord is the first Navajo to become a surgeon.

• Dr. Alvord works at the Gallup Indian Medical Center.

• Navajos do not dream of a bigger life, but Dr. Alvord's mother encourages her daughters.

• Alvord believes the benefits of Navajo healing practices will eventually be scientifically verified.

Chapter Two, Walking the Path between Worlds

• When a Navajo becomes ill, they wonder what norm or ritual they broke to become so.

• Women have a strong role in the Navajo culture.

• Alvord was accepted at Dartmouth for college.

• Alvord had troubles in college, eventually obtaining majors in psychology and sociology.

Chapter Three, Journey Down the Medicine Path

• Alvord has always been interested in anatomy.

• Alvord is a research assistant for Gary Rosenberg at the University of New Mexico...

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