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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Merlyn have to wait for help with Mordecai?
(a) Just one night.
(b) One week.
(c) Only a few minutes.
(d) Only a few hours.

2. Who is Dergyll?
(a) A new character without any connection to the other characters.
(b) Merlyn's arch enemy.
(c) Uther's cousin.
(d) A man claiming Arthur shouldn't be king.

3. Where does Merlyn go in Chapter 9 to stop himself from thinking about and lusting after Sheelagh?
(a) His favorite tavern.
(b) A cool pond.
(c) A field where he can hunt easily.
(d) A large clearing.

4. Where do Sheelagh and Arthur's wet nurse stay when they reach Camulod with Merlyn?
(a) With Aunt Luceia.
(b) In a special hotel for unmarried women.
(c) In Merlyn's castle.
(d) In their own house they rent together.

5. How does Aunt Luceiia react when she sees Arthur again in Chapter 19?
(a) She is overjoyed.
(b) She is nervous because she isn't smart but Arthur is.
(c) She is angry to see him since she doesn't think he should be king.
(d) She doesn't recognize him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who ultimately decides that Arthur should go back to Camulod?

2. Who does Aunt Luceiia see in Arthur in Chapter 19?

3. Where are the arrows from that were used in the surprise attack on Camulod in Chapter 21?

4. What kind of feeling does Merlyn have as he and his people depart Eire?

5. How does Dergyll know that Merlyn is telling the truth about Ironhair?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sheelagh first react when she thinks Merlyn is accusing her of having dreams that come true?

2. How does Arthur's wet nurse react when Merlyn tells her that Arthur will be going to Camulod?

3. What does Merlyn realize in Chapter 20 as he is at the shooting range to meet his brother?

4. What advice does Ambrose give Merlyn in Chapter 20 when Merlyn mentions that he'd like to travel to Cambria?

5. What do Merlyn and the men of Eire do to prepare themselves for the attack that they suspect is coming after one of their men disappears into the woods?

6. In what situation does Merlyn find Mordecai after everyone goes out looking for him?

7. What is Merlyn's opinion of Arthur's wet nurse after he tells her that Arthur will be going to Camulod?

8. What does Sheelagh tell Merlyn about the feasts her father hosts?

9. What is Liam Twistback best known for?

10. What ends up happening with Sheelagh and Donuil in Chapter 23?

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