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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What wild animal attacks the group in Chapter 11?
(a) An unruly alligator.
(b) An injured bear.
(c) An enraged boar.
(d) A ferocious cougar of some kind.

2. Who wants to join Donuil and Merlyn on their trip to Eire?
(a) Ironhair.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Merlyn's aunt.
(d) Lucanus.

3. How does Ambrose react to the beauty and power of Camulod?
(a) He thinks it's nice but that it will never match that of Rome.
(b) It just makes him miss home even more.
(c) He is too depressed to even notice it.
(d) He is overwhelmed by it.

4. Why does Merlyn often try to avoid his dreams?
(a) Because they are so sad -- and mostly about his dead wife.
(b) Because they are so silly.
(c) Because they show him how rotten and cruel he is inside.
(d) Because they are dark, frightening, and prophetic.

5. Who is Popilius?
(a) A senior soldier in Camulod.
(b) A man who tries to kidnap Arthur.
(c) Merlyn's father.
(d) A man who tries to assassinate Merlyn.

6. Who does Merlyn suspect is behind his stabbing?
(a) Ironhair.
(b) Donuil.
(c) Ambrose.
(d) Popilius.

7. How do Athol's friends view his leprosy?
(a) With disgust.
(b) With understanding and compassion.
(c) With silent horror.
(d) This is a trick question; Athol doesn't have leprosy.

8. How old is Merlyn in the Prologue?
(a) 60.
(b) 20.
(c) 40.
(d) 80.

9. What does Merlyn say in response to Ambrose's assertions that Merlyn is a sorcerer?
(a) That he is but Ambrose needs to be more quiet about it.
(b) That he is sometimes and not others.
(c) That he isn't yet but he's very close to passing his test.
(d) That such ideas are ridiculous.

10. Who made Excalibur?
(a) The local blacksmith.
(b) Merlyn's uncle.
(c) Arthur himself.
(d) Merlyn's aunt.

11. What do Connor and Merlyn talk about when the first converse together?
(a) The baby Merlyn has with him.
(b) All of these answers are correct.
(c) Merlyn's background.
(d) Merlyn's unique beard.

12. What is the name of Connor's sister?
(a) Joanne.
(b) Ygraine.
(c) Yvonne.
(d) Yehova.

13. What does Lucanus tell Merlyn he should fear about the lepers?
(a) Touching them.
(b) The curses they put on people.
(c) Getting any blood on them.
(d) Nothing.

14. Why is Merlyn considering celibacy?
(a) So he doesn't have to worry about a woman stealing his money.
(b) So he can stop being so distracted by women.
(c) So he can focus his energy on raising Arthur.
(d) Because he could never love someone as much as he loved his wife.

15. Who is Mungo?
(a) Arthur's new friend in Eire.
(b) A beautiful woman who enchants Merlyn.
(c) Arthur's young cousin.
(d) King Athol's adviser.

Short Answer Questions

1. What town does Merlyn consider home?

2. Why are Merlyn and his men nervous about the planned cavalry display for Athol and his men?

3. What wild animal prevents the beginning of the calvary show for Athol?

4. Where is Merlyn stabbed after the funeral in Chapter 8?

5. What astounds everyone about Merlyn and Ambrose?

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