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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom do the people of Croton immediately begin to cater?
(a) Giton.
(b) Encolpius.
(c) Ascyltus.
(d) Eumoplus.

2. In which country was the author of "The Apocolocyntosis" born?
(a) Spain.
(b) Malta.
(c) Italy.
(d) Greece.

3. What are the men asked for when they visit Croton?
(a) Their educational background.
(b) Money.
(c) Their assets.
(d) Their identity.

4. What is placed on top of a table by the priestess?
(a) Hot coals.
(b) Food for a feast.
(c) Herbs for mixing a remedy.
(d) A pig.

5. What is the translation of the title of "The Apocolocyntosis"?
(a) Transfiguration of a Pumpkin-head.
(b) What a Blundering Idiot.
(c) Read more Poetry, Please.
(d) Sex in the Parthenon.

6. Who especially likes the prospects the town has to offer to the companions?
(a) Ascyltus.
(b) Euripides.
(c) Eumolpus.
(d) Encolpius.

7. Who develops a plan to use in order to enter the city of Croton?
(a) Encolpius.
(b) Ascyltus.
(c) Eumolpus.
(d) Giton.

8. What major key is the clue to the authorship of "The Apocolocyntosis"?
(a) Its criticism of Claudius.
(b) Its love of Nero.
(c) Its vulgarity.
(d) Its political satire.

9. What are the two classes of people in Croton?
(a) Rich or trying to get rich.
(b) Poor and very poor.
(c) Very rich and very poor.
(d) Very rich and just rich.

10. What does the priestess soak in a brew?
(a) A goose heart.
(b) Encolpius' right hand.
(c) Encolpius' genitals.
(d) A goose liver.

11. Why can't Claudius be a Stoic god?
(a) He was born in the wrong month.
(b) He can't speak Stoic.
(c) He isn't from Sto.
(d) He's got neither the head nor heart.

12. Why will Eumolpus tell the townspeople he wants to move to Croton?
(a) He wants to be rich, too.
(b) He has a business model in mind.
(c) He likes a challenge.
(d) To leave behind old memories.

13. Which Fate says that Claudius will not die alone?
(a) Hercules.
(b) Clotho.
(c) Dis.
(d) Gaius.

14. Who died a year before the "The Apocolocyntosis" was written?
(a) Caesar.
(b) Augustus.
(c) Nero.
(d) Claudius.

15. What is the subject of the poem recited at the end of The Road to Croton?
(a) Greek history.
(b) Roman history.
(c) An ocean and shipwreck adventure.
(d) An epic tale of the companions.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the man disguised as the wealthy one plan to explain that he has lost some of his money?

2. Why will the townspeople think Giton has moved to Croton?

3. Who is afraid of Claudius in heaven?

4. Who thinks Petronius wrote "The Apocolocyntosis"?

5. Who does Claudius indicate he is to Hercules in heaven?

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