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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which country was the author of "The Apocolocyntosis" born?
(a) Italy.
(b) Spain.
(c) Malta.
(d) Greece.

2. Who brings a witch to the woods to meet Encolpius?
(a) Chrysis.
(b) Circe.
(c) Oenothea.
(d) Proselenus.

3. Who wrote "The Apocolocyntosis"?
(a) Seneca the Younger.
(b) Aristotle.
(c) Titus.
(d) Petronius.

4. How does the man disguised as the wealthy one plan to explain that he has lost some of his money?
(a) He lost it gambling.
(b) He gave it to needy people.
(c) He has been shipwrecked.
(d) He was robbed.

5. What is the subject of the poem recited at the end of The Road to Croton?
(a) An epic tale of the companions.
(b) An ocean and shipwreck adventure.
(c) Greek history.
(d) Roman history.

6. Why was Claudius previously given more time to live?
(a) To find his own salvation.
(b) To do good deeds.
(c) To make peace with the gods.
(d) To grant citizenship to the few aliens still left.

7. Why will Eumolpus tell the townspeople he wants to move to Croton?
(a) He wants to be rich, too.
(b) He has a business model in mind.
(c) He likes a challenge.
(d) To leave behind old memories.

8. Who calls Claudius out for lying about his identity to Hercules?
(a) Mercury.
(b) Clotho.
(c) Fever.
(d) Jupiter.

9. What does Encolpius vow to give up for the beautiful woman he meets?
(a) Lying.
(b) Drinking.
(c) Giton.
(d) Gambling.

10. Who trusts her son and daughter to Eumolpus?
(a) Philomela.
(b) Circe.
(c) Chrysis.
(d) Corax.

11. In heaven, what does Claudius' voice sound like?
(a) A sea monster.
(b) Roaring lions.
(c) A violin.
(d) Angels singing.

12. Who is Encolpius' mentor?
(a) Ascyltus.
(b) Eumolpus.
(c) Euripides.
(d) Giton.

13. Who especially likes the prospects the town has to offer to the companions?
(a) Ascyltus.
(b) Euripides.
(c) Encolpius.
(d) Eumolpus.

14. Who will portray a wealthy man when the companions enter Croton?
(a) Encolpius.
(b) Ascyltus.
(c) Giton.
(d) Eumolpus.

15. Who thinks Petronius wrote "The Apocolocyntosis"?
(a) Ancestors of Nero.
(b) Some scholars.
(c) All scholars.
(d) Fans of Petronius.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is not held in high esteem in Croton?

2. How long was the author of "The Apocolocyntosis" exiled?

3. In the section entitled The Road to Croton, where are Encolpius and his companions walking when they see a town in a distance?

4. Who does the maid only have relations with?

5. Who throws rocks at Eumolpus at the end of the chapter called The Road to Croton?

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