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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What title did the author hold in the emperor's court?
(a) Knight of the Roundtable.
(b) Arbiter of Elegance.
(c) Joker and Comedian.
(d) Official Historian.

2. What is the "problem" with the newly roasted pig presented at the dinner?
(a) It's not fully cooked.
(b) It wasn't gutted.
(c) They forgot the apple in its mouth.
(d) The host doesn't like ham.

3. Who sets out to sail on a trip in the chapter entitled Eumolpus?
(a) Encolpius and Giton.
(b) Eumolpus, Ascyltus, Encolpius and Giton.
(c) Ascyltus, Encolpius and Giton.
(d) Eumolpus, Encolpius and Giton.

4. When the friends part in Puteoli, who does Giton go with?
(a) Encolpius.
(b) Ascyltus.
(c) Alone.
(d) The old woman.

5. How does the translator suspect the modern reader will view the sexual nature of "The Satyricon"?
(a) Risque.
(b) Unimportant.
(c) Offensive.
(d) Unoffensive.

6. How do the friends actually end their fight over Giton?
(a) They cut him in half.
(b) They kill him.
(c) They let Giton pick.
(d) They kick him out.

7. What does Encolpius do at night when the boy he tutors falls asleep?
(a) Fondles and kisses him.
(b) Reads private letters.
(c) Works a second job.
(d) Gambles in the marketplace.

8. Who had already sneaked out of class before the rant about rhetoric?
(a) Agamemnon.
(b) Encolpius.
(c) Ascyltus.
(d) Giton.

9. What is the poem about that the teacher recites in Puteoli?
(a) The value of teachers and that they should be respected.
(b) Bad students.
(c) The importance of discipline in writing and the arts.
(d) Bad parents.

10. What threat does Giton make that urges Tryphaena to immediately pardon them?
(a) To kill Lichas.
(b) To hang himself.
(c) To cut off his own genitals.
(d) To kill Tryphaena.

11. If the boy doesn't get presents from Encolpius, what does he threaten to do?
(a) Kill Encolpius in his sleep.
(b) Castrate Encolpius.
(c) Cut off Encolpius' ear.
(d) Tell his father what's been going on.

12. What does Encolpius ironically threaten against the sex-craved boy?
(a) To kill the boy in his sleep.
(b) To castrate the boy.
(c) To cut off the boy's ear.
(d) To tell his father what's been going on.

13. What color is the wig of Encolpius?
(a) Yellow.
(b) Gray.
(c) Black.
(d) Brown.

14. How does Ascyltus first suggest the friends end their fight over Giton?
(a) Cut him in half.
(b) Let Giton pick.
(c) Turn him loose and see if he comes back.
(d) Leave him behind and move on.

15. What does the author's title at the emperor's court say about himself?
(a) He is talented and sophisticated.
(b) He is respected for his humor.
(c) He is really wordy.
(d) He has many travels and many entertaining stories to tell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Considering similar works of the same time period, what link was the author's satire obviously missing?

2. Who said that teachers would be the only ones in school if they are unable to engage the students?

3. Who does Encolpius meet at a museum?

4. Who is thrown overboard and sucked under by the current in Eumolpus?

5. What was everyone drinking at the location where the old woman took the students?

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