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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What fine must Tryphaena pay if she forces Giton into sexual acts?
(a) 200 denarii.
(b) 1000 pecos.
(c) 1000 sesterces.
(d) 2000 coins.

2. A complaining student stresses that without adherence to the rules, what does the language face?
(a) Silence.
(b) Death.
(c) No meaning.
(d) Confusion.

3. How does the translator suspect the modern reader will view the sexual nature of "The Satyricon"?
(a) Unoffensive.
(b) Risque.
(c) Offensive.
(d) Unimportant.

4. Who bruises Trimalchio's arm?
(a) Giton.
(b) An acrobat.
(c) The chef.
(d) Encolpius.

5. How does the translator believe he approached the work?
(a) Carefully with respect to the original.
(b) He totally rewrote the story based on historical clues.
(c) He is a professional and filled in all the gaps.
(d) He did the best he could.

6. Where does the old woman take the two students she encounters?
(a) To lunch.
(b) To a brothel.
(c) To the palace.
(d) To the grotto.

7. Why does the translator say the book skips around and has gaps in the story?
(a) Because he does not want to be blamed for missing content.
(b) Because he is eccentric.
(c) Because he couldn't translate everything.
(d) So readers will not be confused by the fragmentation.

8. Where does Encolpius want to stab Eumolpus?
(a) In his heart.
(b) In his pancreas.
(c) In his lungs to let out all the hot air.
(d) In his spleen.

9. Who wants to be Giton's teacher and guardian in exchange for a sexual relationship?
(a) Euripides.
(b) Eumolpus.
(c) Agamemnon.
(d) Ascyltus.

10. How do scholars see "The Satyricon" today?
(a) It is a moral tale strictly for children.
(b) It is a respected piece of literature.
(c) Debauchery.
(d) Classic pornography.

11. How did earlier readers describe the sexual nature of "The Satyricon"?
(a) Ridiculous.
(b) Boring.
(c) Risque.
(d) Realistic.

12. What does Ascyltus accuse Encolpius of doing when Encolpius confronts him about something else?
(a) Of stealing money and clothing from him.
(b) Of raping Giton.
(c) Of praising Agamemnon to get a free meal.
(d) Of having a crush on Giton.

13. Which emperor had high literary ambitions?
(a) Claudius.
(b) Caesar.
(c) Nero.
(d) Augustus.

14. In response to the complaint about professors, the teacher recites lines written by whom?
(a) Caesar.
(b) Lucilius.
(c) Venus.
(d) Aristotle.

15. Who is caught holding and kissing Giton?
(a) A prostitute from the brothel.
(b) The old woman.
(c) Ascyltus.
(d) Encolpius.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements has "The Satyricon" been called, now deemed to be worthy literature?

2. What threat does Giton make that urges Tryphaena to immediately pardon them?

3. What does Giton consider Ascyltus to be?

4. Who is the narrator of "The Satyricon"?

5. When does Eumolpus run into a naked man looking for a boy?

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