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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a complaining student say happens to children who start school too young?
(a) The learn more.
(b) They become superior adults.
(c) They become inferior adults.
(d) They get out and can't find a job.

2. Who is Trimalchio's wife?
(a) Fortunata.
(b) He has no wife.
(c) Circe.
(d) Providence.

3. What does the translator say he does not do?
(a) Like borrowing copies.
(b) Read Greek well.
(c) Fill in obviously missing gaps.
(d) Study more about Senca himself.

4. What combines "a moralistic and humorous melange of prose and verse"?
(a) Odyssey.
(b) Menippean satire.
(c) Classical translation.
(d) The Bible.

5. Who is Encolpius' teacher at the beginning of "The Satyricon"?
(a) Sophocles.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Euripides.
(d) Agamemnon.

6. Who is thrown overboard and sucked under by the current in Eumolpus?
(a) Tryphaena.
(b) Giton.
(c) Eumolpus.
(d) Lichas.

7. Which emperor had high literary ambitions?
(a) Nero.
(b) Augustus.
(c) Claudius.
(d) Caesar.

8. Who does Ascyltus accuse of being a hypocrite?
(a) Quartilla.
(b) Encolpius.
(c) Agamemnon.
(d) The old woman.

9. When the friends part in Puteoli, who does Giton go with?
(a) Ascyltus.
(b) Encolpius.
(c) Alone.
(d) The old woman.

10. What problem does the translator note in his translation of "The Satyricon"?
(a) It is fragmented and has missing sections.
(b) He is concerned that he does not have an original copy.
(c) He cannot read the language.
(d) No one has ever heard of Seneca.

11. What is the "problem" with the newly roasted pig presented at the dinner?
(a) It's not fully cooked.
(b) They forgot the apple in its mouth.
(c) It wasn't gutted.
(d) The host doesn't like ham.

12. In response to the complaint about professors, the teacher recites lines written by whom?
(a) Venus.
(b) Aristotle.
(c) Lucilius.
(d) Caesar.

13. What disguise do Encolpius and Giton use to escape from Lichas and Tryphaena?
(a) Wealthy men.
(b) Eunuchs.
(c) Magicians.
(d) Slaves.

14. How is the chef who cooked the newly roasted pig saved?
(a) Guests plead for his mercy.
(b) His children ask for their father not to be killed.
(c) His wife begs.
(d) Trimalchio gets tired of dealing with him.

15. Who complains about the professors and all their empty rhetoric?
(a) Agamemnon.
(b) Giton.
(c) Encolpius.
(d) Circe.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the decorated platter play into the entertainment for the evening?

2. Which Roman satire does the translator link to "The Satyricon"?

3. Who wrote the introduction to "The Satyricon"?

4. Who tries to commit suicide by hanging?

5. What was everyone drinking at the location where the old woman took the students?

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