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Short Answer Questions

1. Which member of the family is apprehensive about speaking?

2. Who is noticeably absent from the gathering?

3. What does Cain call Abel during a fight?

4. One would have to travel far and wide to find someone who could get the better of ____.

5. Who asks about the missing person?

Short Essay Questions

1. Matthew makes a reference to Mark Twain. To whom is Matthew speaking and what is the quote?

2. How will Eblis find his way in the catacombs? What happens in the underworld?

3. Who demands to see Dream? What is Dream's new role? What are the visitor's demands?

4. What is the basic background of Master Li?

5. What is the closing poem of the chapter?

6. What news does Gwen give to Robbie about his family history? Who wants to meet Robbie?

7. Who approaches Dream with news about the family? What is the news?

8. Gwen gets ready for her day at the Ren Fire. What does Robbie say about Gwen's new persona. What is Gwen's response?

9. Who does Li see in the desert? What is the conversation had between the two?

10. How long has Li been traveling? Where is he going? Who travels with Li?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gaiman is known for paying homage to various authors and works of literature. Choose at least four references used in the book. Write at least 250 words on each reference. Also add your opinion as to why Gaiman chose that particular author or reference.

Essay Topic 2

Politics are also referred to in the book. In several instances, a character must obey by the rules and therefore politics, even in an alternate world. This can be seen in the way Master Li is treated by the Emperor. Politics are also reflected in Robbie's stories of the Renaissance. Discuss the use of politics in the graphic novel. Do you think politics are an important part of the book? Explain. How else could Gaiman incorporate politics into the book? Also examine the use of politics in relationships.

Essay Topic 3

As with many fictional fantasy stories there are little if any difference between myths, fables, fairy tales and religious parables. Compare and contrast these types of stories. In Gaiman's case there are many references to myth. Research and find an ancient myth of your choice. Convert the myth into a modern day fairy tale. What are the biggest changes that will need to be made? Which are the easiest? Which are the most difficult? How did the story change?

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