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Dreaming - This is the centerpiece of the Sandman comic's world. It is the home to the Endless family.

Fiddler's Green - Like the Castle, this location is considered to the true heart of Dreaming.

Mausoleum - This is the place where Dream will be buried. It is the location where the wake and funeral are held.

Catacombs - This place is where the cerements are held.

Envoy - The Endless create this to go down into the catacombs to retrieve the cerements for Dream's funeral.

Renaissance Faire - This is the place where Robbie and Guenevere go to spend a Sunday.

Dreams - This is the place in which most of the events happen to the mortals.

Desert - This is the main setting of Exiles.

Soft Places - This is what Dream calls the places that are on the edge of Dreaming.

Stratford-on-Avon -...

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