The Sandman: The Wake Character Descriptions

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Dream - This character goes by many names, including the Sandman, Morpheus, Oneiros, and Lord Shaper.

The Endless Family - This is a group of immortals who inhabit the mythical land of Dreaming.

Matthew - This is the raven that has been by Dream's side.

Eblis O'Shaughnessy - This character is the Envoy created by the Endless.

Rosie Hall - This is a character from a former Sandman book. She returns to Dreaming with her brother, Jed, when she learns about Sandman's death.

Cain - This character is one of the two Biblical brothers.

Lucien - This character is the librarian of the castle at Dreaming.

Hob Gadling - This character is an immortal human who shows up in several of the Sandman stories. In this case, he is at a Ren Faire, an event that Gaiman himself has never attended.

Guenevere - This character is...

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