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Chapter 1: Which Occurs in the Wake of What Has Gone Before

• The Endless learn that Dream is dead.

• Delirium joins the others at the crossroads of the Quinsy Mountains.

• Destruction has not arrived.

• The family has come to retrieve books of ritual.

• The Endless meet Sithcundman, who permits entry to Necropolis.

• Delirium creates an Envoy out of mud. Death gives life to the Envoy.

• The Envoy retrieves the book and cerements.

• Cain demands an audience with the new incarnation of Morpheus/Dream.

• Matthew is in mourning.

• Various people begin to dream and arrive at the door of Dreaming.

Chapter 2: In Which a Wake is Held

• Everyone begins to arrive in Dreaming.

• Many characters from past books are included.

• Dream meets Eblis O'Shaughnessy.

• Lucien states that Dream cannot die as he is immortal.

• Dream says he is afraid of his new incarnation.

• Dream speaks with Matthew.

• People begin to...

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