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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Oneiros the king of?
(a) Clouds.
(b) Dreams.
(c) Music.
(d) Storms.

2. What happens when Madoc writes a play?
(a) It becomes a huge success.
(b) It is rejected.
(c) It is accused of being plagiarized.
(d) It is criticized by writers, but loved by the public.

3. How was the trichinobezoar created?
(a) Adhesive was frozen.
(b) Hair was swallowed.
(c) A spell created it.
(d) A rock was naturally condensed.

4. What does the leader cat see in the forest?
(a) Criminals.
(b) Ghosts.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Fairies.

5. Which of the following does NOT guard the final destination in the leading cat's dream?
(a) A winged horse.
(b) A sphinx.
(c) A dragon.
(d) A gryphon.

6. What are the human owners doing the morning after the meeting?
(a) Watching television.
(b) Holding a meeting.
(c) Having a party.
(d) Working on their computers.

7. What kind of commercial is seen the morning after the meeting in "A Dream of Thousand Cats"?
(a) A sleep enhancer commercial.
(b) A pet shop commercial.
(c) A cat collar commercial.
(d) A cat food commercial.

8. What is Erasmus's last name?
(a) Flit.
(b) Fly.
(c) Flay.
(d) Fry.

9. What question do the guards to the final destination in the dream ask the leader cat?
(a) What she is seeking.
(b) What she learned in her journey.
(c) Why she should be allowed to see the King.
(d) What gift she has brought to the guards.

10. What is the most satisfying prey for cats in the former world?
(a) Humans.
(b) Dragons.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Other cats.

11. What does Madoc force Calliope to do while in his house?
(a) Clean his house.
(b) Sing to him.
(c) Make love to him.
(d) Read his work.

12. What is Calliope?
(a) A fairy.
(b) A muse.
(c) A robot.
(d) An idea.

13. What does the man think the kitten is dreaming about?
(a) Eating food.
(b) Playing with her owners.
(c) Playing outside.
(d) Hunting an animal.

14. What is shown in the piece of art near the cat leading the meeting?
(a) An angel.
(b) A devil.
(c) A corpse.
(d) A crucifix.

15. What time of day does Madoc move into his new house?
(a) At noon.
(b) At sunset.
(c) At sunrise.
(d) At night.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the leader cat told to go in her dream after she is separated from her kittens?

2. What did Erasmus use to catch 'her'?

3. What kind of book is Madoc's third published work?

4. Why can Calliope not be helped?

5. What does the man ask his wife to find the morning after the meeting?

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