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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who intercedes on Cluracan's behalf?
(a) Nada.
(b) Narnia.
(c) Nuala.
(d) Nana.

2. What did the car hit when trying to avoid the animal?
(a) The animal.
(b) Tree.
(c) Fence.
(d) Guardrail.

3. What two leaders have been joined to create one person?
(a) Innocent and Carys.
(b) Cluracan and Mairon.
(c) Innocent and Mab.
(d) Mairn ad Mab.

4. How long has it been since the last time the character went to the city?
(a) 1000 years.
(b) 1200 years.
(c) 600 years,
(d) 750 years.

5. What part of Cluracan's anatomy is in danger?
(a) Eyes.
(b) Legs.
(c) Heart.
(d) Head.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Cluracan put after he crosses paths with Mairon?

2. Who is Mairon's uncle?

3. Where is the injured person taken for treatment?

4. What is the cause of the storm?

5. What kind of injuries were suffered by Brant?

Short Essay Questions

1. Cluracan experiences a prophecy, albeit against his will. What is the prophecy?

2. Explain the regime of the city and how the rulers are viewed by Cluracan.

3. The story starts out with two people traveling. Who are the people and where are they going?

4. What do the stranded travelers do while the storm rages outside?

5. How long does Robert stay in the city? What does he learn about its existence?

6. What does Tucker do when he discovers that Charlene is injured? Where do they go?

7. Brant falls into a deep sleep. What does Brant see when he awakes?

8. Who volunteers to tell the next tale? What is unusual about the character?

9. Describe the tale told by Gaheris regarding the main character. What was unusual about the character?

10. What time of year is it? What are the weather conditions?

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