The Sandman Vol. 8: World's End Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. The story starts out with two people traveling. Who are the people and where are they going?

Brant Tucker and Charlene Mooney work together and decide to share travel expenses on a drive to Chicago.

2. What time of year is it? What are the weather conditions?

It is June. Suddenly, it begins to snow.

3. Explain the accident in which Tucker sustained minor injuries and Mooney suffered major injuries.

It is snowing. Brant is driving when suddenly something jumps in front of the car. Brant swerves off the road and the car smashes into a tree.

4. What does Tucker do when he discovers that Charlene is injured? Where do they go?

When Brant realizes that Charlene has been seriously injured, he carries her to a distant inn called the Worlds' End where she receives medical assistance.

5. Brant falls into a deep sleep. What does Brant see when he awakes?

Upon awakening, Brant discovers Charlene sitting with several strange beings, including a fairy, a centaur, and some dead-looking beings.

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