Objects & Places from The Sandman Vol. 8: World's End

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Charlene's Automobile

This item is involved in an accident.

The Reality Storm

This is described as a cosmic shockwave emanating from an event of great importance.

The City's Dream

The character Gaheris tells a story about being caught inside this object.

City of Aurelian

Cluracan's tale transpires primarily in a city he refers to as this.

Sea Witch

Jim's story takes involved this large vessel.

Sea Serpent

Jim's tale involves around a gigantic monster also referred to in this way.

Prez's United States

This is the alternate reality that is created around 1972.

Boss Smiley's Heaven

This place is a location that can be compared to purgatory.


Klaproth, Petrefax, and a few others come from this place.

The Funeral Procession

Pages 148-157 depict this somber event.

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