Daily Lessons for Teaching The Sandman Vol. 8: World's End

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Lesson 1 (from A Tale of Two Cities)


Storytelling plays a large part in the Sandman stories, oftentimes where action will not provide the same background. Discuss storytelling and how it is an important part in the story and in character development.


1. Class Discussion: In the Sandman series, Gaiman uses storytelling to describe various background incidents involving the Endless family. Discuss the stories shared by the characters. How do the stories affect the book as a whole? Who are the storytellers? How might the book be different without the stories? Does the storyteller have any other role? How important is the storyteller as a character? How do you think you would do as a storyteller? Discuss.

2. Class activity: Study the art of storytelling, including the choice of tale, timing, use of voices, tone, inflection, and body language. Did you know that storytelling was an art form? Choose a tale to share in class...

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