The Sandman Vol. 8: World's End Character Descriptions

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Brant Tucker

This is the narrator and protagonist of the graphic novel.

Charlene Mooney

This is a woman with curly red hair, green eyes, and a roundish face of average looks.


This character appears only indirectly in the narrative but he is the subject of the first major narrative-within-the-narrative related in the graphic novel.


Cluracan is a fairy, appearing as an elfin man of indeterminate age.


This is the self-given pseudonym of a young girl of seventeen.

Prez Rickard

This character's story is told by an unnamed man who refers to himself only as a seeker.


This is a traveler in the inn and appears with white, wrinkled skin and a corpse-like face.


This character's group is the largest group of stranded travelers, consisting of four--three students and one master.


This is a centaur.

Morpheus or Lord Shaper

This is the immortal...

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