The Sandman Vol. 8: World's End Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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A Tale of Two Cities

• Tucker and Mooney go to Chicago.
• There is a car accident.

• Mooney is injured.
• Tucker takes Mooney to an inn for help.

• Mooney is treated.
• Many strange creatures are at the inn.
• No one remembers Mooney except for Tucker.
• Robert's tale is told.

Cluracan's Tale

• Brant meets Klaproth at the inn.
• Reader meets Cluracan.

• Cluracan tells a tale about a journey to the city of Aurelian.
• Cluracan is arrested.

• Cluracan is saved by Morpheus.
• There is a great uprising in the city.
• Cluracan helps to bring down the evil ruler.

• Mairon throws himself out of a tower and dies.
• Cluracan makes his way to World's End.

Hob's Leviathan

• The reader is introduced to a seventeen-year-old girl who refers to herself as Jim.
• Jim was born on the penal colony of Australia in 1897.

• Jim escaped and went to sea to become a sailor.
• Jim's...

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