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The Dreaming - This is the land of dreams and nightmares, ruled by Morpheus.

The Castle - Morpheus lives here at the heart of the Dreaming. It is a dangerous place, filled with raw dreamstuff.

The Lux - Lucifer plays the piano in this club.

Faerie - This is the land of the fairies.

Fiddler's Green - This is an area of the Dreaming that is a paradise, filled only with happiness. Ironically, it is the site of the first murder by the Furies.

Fawney Rig - This is the great mansion owned by Paul's lover Alex, where Rose has a vision of her androgynous grandfather.

The Nursing Home - Rose's grandmother slept away years of her life here. Rose returns there when she gets a message from her grandmother.

Nuala's Pendant - When Nuala goes back to Faerie, Morpheus imbues this so she can call him...

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