The Sandman: The Kindly Ones Character Descriptions

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Sandman/Lord Morpheus/Lord Shaper/Dream

He is overcome with guilt over having abandoned and killed his son. His huge responsibility has worn him down, but he cannot abandon his role.

Lyta Hall

She is a superhero filled with incredible strength when she is angered. Her full name is Hippolyta, and her mother was also a superhero.


They are three women, one motherly, one young and attractive, and one old, who hound those who have killed their own blood. They will not stop until the guilty party is dead from suicide or killed.


Though he does not remember, he was previously the resident raven of the Dreaming.


He is a pumpkin-headed, loud-spoken, chain-smoking worker in charge of making alterations and new construction in the Dreaming.


She misses the Dreaming and Morpheus. She wants to wear her true form, not her prettier fairy form with...

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