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Prologue, The Castle

• A man dreams of a librarian called Lucien giving him a tour of a castle in a world called Dreaming.

• The dreamer meets a fairy. She is the castle's cleaner given to Lord Morpheus as a present. She claims she does not miss home at all.
• The dreamer meets a raven called Matthew. Matthew had once been a human but had chosen to become a raven. Now the only thing that concerns him is the fates of the ravens who came before.

• A man called Abel tells the dreamer that his house is full of secrets and his brother Cain's house is made up of mysteries.
• Lord Morpheus arrives to tell Lucien that the dreamer is not the man they had been expecting. The dreamer is about to ask Morpheus questions about his dream when a wake-up call at his hotel wakes him up.

Part One

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