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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the names of the two angels that visit Dream?

2. Which character threatens a savage beating if another pass is made?

3. How does the character react?

4. Who attempts to help Charles get to the infirmary?

5. Dream offers what position to this character?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Loki's reaction when Thor attempts to return him to his prison?

2. What is the result of the proclamation?

3. Where are Paine's earthly remains? How did he die?

4. Who attends Dream's court as a representative of Faerie? Which fairies are in charge of the realm?

5. What argument and gift are presented to Dream from Odin?

6. What is the compromise Dream offers to Loki?

7. What is Azazel's reaction to the news?

8. What does Charles begin to notice as he looks around the campus?

9. What is the first thing that happens to the character? What is unusual about the activity?

10. What information does Remiel have to give to Dream?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many characters end up in strange worlds or alternate realities, suggesting the existence of a parallel universe. What are your thoughts on a parallel universe? Do you think one can exist? Can there be more than one? If so, are certain intersections or events predestined or does free will rule over all? What do you think might be happening in your parallel universe right now?

Essay Topic 2

Write a detailed character description for each Endless character that appears in the book. Choose your favorite and why you prefer that specific character.

Essay Topic 3

Fear is an important theme throughout the book, particularly when unusual and unexplained things happen. Discuss fear as it is used in "Seasons of Mist." Explain how fear works into various stories and how it relates to various characters. Some examples include Rowland's fear of the three bullies at the boarding school.

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