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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the container placed?

2. Which character threatens a savage beating if another pass is made?

3. Who is visiting with Dream when the Angels arrive?

4. Who is scolded by Remiel?

5. What are the names of the two angels that visit Dream?

Short Essay Questions

1. What action does Remiel observe that makes him angry? What does Remiel say?

2. What is the basis of the confrontation between Dream and Susano?

3. What is Azazel's reaction to the news?

4. What is offered to Dream from Shivering Jemmy?

5. Who attends Dream's court as a representative of Faerie? Which fairies are in charge of the realm?

6. What story is told regarding Hell? What proposition do the fairies make to Dream?

7. Why do you think Nada told Dream his apology was inadequate?

8. What happens when Dream attempts to speak to Nada? What is Nada's response?

9. What does Charles begin to notice as he looks around the campus?

10. What are the two most tempting offers? Who offers them to Dream?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare "Seasons of Mist" with one or more of Gaiman's other books in the series. Which is, in your opinion, the best? Explain. Which did you like the least? Explain. What future scenarios might you want to see in upcoming books? Which characters would you like to see portrayed more often? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Fairies are magical creatures that appear in a wide variety of art forms from literature to paintings and movies. Discuss fairies. What are some famous fairies? Do you have a favorite? How does Cluracan compare to other famous fairies? Where do fairies come from? Where do they live? What kinds of power do fairies have?

Essay Topic 3

Fear is an important theme throughout the book, particularly when unusual and unexplained things happen. Discuss fear as it is used in "Seasons of Mist." Explain how fear works into various stories and how it relates to various characters. Some examples include Rowland's fear of the three bullies at the boarding school.

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