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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Dream hope to rescue from Hell?

2. In what book of the Bible is it declared that no one should ever mark this person?

3. What is the character's occupation?

4. Who is the father of the messenger?

5. Susano is originally from which country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dream calls a meeting to discuss what issue? Where is the discussion held?

2. What are Lucifer's plans once he leaves Hell?

3. What does Charles begin to notice as he looks around the campus?

4. Why do you think Nada told Dream his apology was inadequate?

5. Who are the three boys that awake Charles? What confession do they make?

6. Who visits Destiny in the garden? What is the purpose of the visit?

7. What is the announcement made to the people waiting in the great hall?

8. Why is Hell so silent? What has Lucifer done?

9. What argument and gift are presented to Dream from Odin?

10. What information does Remiel have to give to Dream?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Politics are also referred to in the book. In several instances, a character must obey by the rules and therefore politics, even in an alternate world. This can be seen in the way Dream deals with the issue of reopening Hell or in Odin's attempts to rein in and punish Loki. Discuss the use of politics in the graphic novel. Do you think politics are an important part of the book? Explain. How else could Gaiman incorporate politics into the book? Also examine the use of politics in relationships.

Essay Topic 2

Examine the origin of the Endless. Some say that the characters have always existed and therefore are immortal and eternal. What is your opinion on the subject? Do you think the family is actually "Endless?" Where do you think they came from? If they are eternal and immortal, how were they created?

Essay Topic 3

Gaiman uses many metaphors in his writing, some of which are quite subtle. Choose at least three strong metaphors and three subtle metaphors for use in discussion. What do you think prompts Gaiman to utilize metaphors? Which are the most obvious to you? Are some metaphors and references too obscure for the general public? Explain.

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