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Lesson 1 (from Episode 0)


In Season of Mist, Episode 0 starts out with Destiny being visited by the Fates, whom he calls the Grey Ladies. When Destiny inquires as to the reason for their visit, they tell him that they are there because it is where they are supposed to be. Discuss the concept of fate and destiny as it plays out in the story.


1. Destiny carries a book of Fate in which each person's fate and the outcome of all events is recorded. Discuss the concept of the book of Fate. Do you think such a thing exists? Are there references to a similar book in other stories or cultures? Explain. Why is the book of Fate important to Destiny? Does Destiny know everything contained in the book of Fates? Explain.

2. Do you think you are listed in a book of Fates? What might it say? Write a page...

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