The Sandman: Season of Mists Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Episode 0

* Destiny walks in the garden.

* Destiny is visited by the Fates.

* Destiny invites others to join him at a family meeting.

* The story of Nada is referenced.

* Some agree that the Endless should not get involved with mortals.

Episode 1

* Lucien talks with Matthew.

* Dream summons them to the great hall.

* Dream tells the story of Nada.

* Lucifer is mentioned as being extremely powerful.

* References are made to Cain.

* Dream is seen as a threat to an unborn child.

Episode 2

* Dream travels to find Nada.

* Dream goes to Lucifer to find Nada.

* Lucifer quits his job as ruler of Hell.

* Lucifer feels like a scapegoat.

* Several demons appear but Dream is not harmed.

* Lucifer turns the key over to Dream.

Episode 3

* Odin is visited by ravens.

* Odin strikes a deal with Loki to acquire Hell.

* Odin calls Thor in for backup.

* Other deities appear to make the same...

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