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Gail Tsukiyama
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Short Answer Questions

1. What reports does Stephen record about the war in his May 15th, 1938 journal entry?

2. What does Stephen's mother's letter tell him about her plans in the letter he receives in May of 1938?

3. Who does Stephen refer to when he notes that they will never "drift away from each other"?

4. What does Matsu tell Stephen about Sachi as a child?

5. What promise does Keiko make to Stephen when he walks her halfway home in March?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Penelope work for the Red Cross?

2. What is Sachi's relationship with Michiko?

3. How does Sachi incorporate flowers in her garden?

4. Discuss Hiro.

5. What does Stephen describe as his memories of Keiko?

6. What is the significance of the conversation Stephen and Keiko have on the beach?

7. Describe Matsu's behavior at Sachi's house.

8. How does Matsu feel about his sister's decision to deal with her disease?

9. Why is the fishing knife of great importance to Matsu?

10. Why aren't there any journal entries for a month after Kenzo's funeral?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Starting with Stephen's reclusive quarantine in Hong Kong, the theme of loneliness is used through the Samurai's Garden.

1) Choose an event or incident from the story that is spurred by loneliness and explain how that loneliness triggers other specific events.

2) Choose a character in the story who seems lonely despite being near other people. Describe the actions this leads to.

3) Choose two characters in the story who seek each other out. Explain the result of this action and how it affects each one's loneliness.

Essay Topic 2

Although Stephen has never met Tomoko, her presence is strongly felt. This is also true of Michiko. Compare and contrast the two characters and analyze their contribution to the story line.

Essay Topic 3

Honor is a theme explored in many circumstances and relationships in the Samurai's Garden. In regards to Stephen's parents, their marriage and the way both dealt with the revelation of his father's affair, discuss what it means to be honorable. Give specific examples and explain why you believe that his parents did or did not act honorably in each one. What do you feel they should have, if anything, done differently? What information that you do not have would change your perceptions of them and their actions?

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