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Gail Tsukiyama
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Stephen call the person he meets in Yamaguchi a kindred spirit?
(a) This person is lonely.
(b) This person is sad.
(c) This person is ill.
(d) This person is a painter.

2. Who does Keiko say is in the Japanese army?
(a) Her brother.
(b) The man she was engaged to.
(c) Her cousin.
(d) Her uncle.

3. What, according to Sachi, is true about Sachi and Tomoko as children?
(a) They fought constantly.
(b) Both were painfully shy.
(c) They were close.
(d) They were complete opposites.

4. How does Stephen first feel when seeing the condition of afflicted villagers?
(a) Disgusted and guilty for his reaction.
(b) More curious than afraid.
(c) He regrets his decision to come.
(d) Sad, but hopeful.

5. What does Stephen expect to be his only solace in Tarumi?
(a) Swimming in the ocean.
(b) Painting.
(c) Creating a garden.
(d) Writing in his journal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Stephen embarrassed by his body?

2. Who does Stephen say he is happy to discover he will spend New Year's with?

3. Where does Stephen first see a kare sansui?

4. What item is found in Matsu's garden?

5. What news is received that dampens the spirits of Stephen, Matsu, and their visitor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What agreement do Stephen's parents seem to come to after his father's visit?

2. Why is the painting of the garden of importance to Stephen?

3. Why does Kenzo call Sachi a monster?

4. How does Stephen feel about making friends with people once he is settled in the beach house?

5. How do Stephen and Keiko's father interact when they meet in the village after Kenzo's burial?

6. What conflicting accounts of the war does Stephen hear?

7. How does Stephen describe Matsu's garden?

8. How did Tomoko's death bring Sachi and Matsu closer?

9. How does Stephen feel about traveling to Tarumi?

10. What does Stephen think of Matsu when they initially meet?

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