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Gail Tsukiyama
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Sachi's father take her to shrines after her diagnosis with leprosy?
(a) To atone for her sins.
(b) As penance for having failed the family.
(c) To purify her.
(d) To pray for healing.

2. Who does Stephen work with to put out the fire?
(a) Kenzo.
(b) Hiro.
(c) Tanka.
(d) Sachi.

3. What is said about the shantytowns by Pie in her letter?
(a) The are a blight on the landscape of a once proud nation.
(b) They are sorely in need of money.
(c) They are filled with cardboard houses and people who are sick.
(d) They are the last refuge of the desparate.

4. How does Keiko address her father's behavior to Stephen?
(a) She blames Stephen for provoking her father.
(b) She apologizes.
(c) She ignores the issue.
(d) She blames his anger on the war.

5. Where do Stephen and Matsu spend the night after they help fight the fire in Yamaguchi?
(a) Outside in Sachi's garden.
(b) Sachi's house.
(c) Michiko's house.
(d) Hiro's house.

6. What dream does Stephen record in his journal?
(a) Of Pie handing out bandages to the lepers.
(b) Of his parents having tea with Sachi.
(c) Of the Japanese Army invading Yamaguchi.
(d) Of Keiko and Pie building houses in Yamaguchi.

7. When does Stephen's mother say that she and Pie will come to visit in her May, 1938 letter?
(a) She says they will arrive in one week.
(b) She says they will come before the war ends.
(c) She says it's best if they don't visit.
(d) She says they will come after the war.

8. What is Tomoko's reaction when Matsu tells her about Yamaguchi?
(a) She doesn't listen.
(b) Anger.
(c) Hope.
(d) She tells him to leave her alone.

9. What reports does Stephen record about the war in his May 15th, 1938 journal entry?
(a) Of the Japanese Army's declaration of success.
(b) Of China's sudden resurgence.
(c) Of the Japanese Army's invasion of China.
(d) Of the defeat of the Japanese army in Hong Kong.

10. What does Stephen say about returning to Hong Kong in his July, 1938 letters to his sister and mother?
(a) He says he will return only after the war ends.
(b) He says he wants to stay in Tarumi.
(c) He no longer mentions the possibility.
(d) He asks if he is needed.

11. What dampens Stephen's enjoyment on the walk to Yamaguchi?
(a) Keiko's father's feelings towards him.
(b) Thoughts of his parents' marriage.
(c) His fear that he may return to Hong Kong.
(d) The dismal weather.

12. What is part of the reason that Stephen says that time has slowed to a crawl?
(a) Kenzo's death has affected Stephen.
(b) Kenzo's death has affected Matsu.
(c) He doesn't see much of Sachi and Keiko.
(d) News of the war has taken a toll on everyone.

13. What was Sachi's impression of Matsu when they first met?
(a) He seemed overly serious.
(b) He seemed at peace.
(c) He seemed anxious.
(d) He seemed very angry.

14. What he visits in June of 1938, what does Stephen's father suggest?
(a) That Stephen spend the holiday in Kobe.
(b) That Stephen should visit during the Plum Rains.
(c) That Matsu should bring Stephen to the O-bon festival.
(d) That he visit Stephen for the O-bon festival.

15. Who does Sachi say was Matsu's opposite?
(a) Kenzo.
(b) Tomoko.
(c) Hiro.
(d) Sachi.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sends Stephen a letter that says Penelope is working with the Red Cross?

2. How do Matsu and Stephen arrive at Sachi's when they go to visit in September of 1938?

3. What does Stephen say he did at the celebration in Yamaguchi?

4. Who tells about the 1923 event that destroyed all the houses and left many dead?

5. What tragedy befalls Keiko's family?

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