The Samurai's Garden Short Essay - Answer Key

Gail Tsukiyama
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1. Describe the events that lead to Stephen's trip to Tarumi.

Stephen becomes ill while at school and is escorted home by his friend King. He lives like a recluse at his home in Hong Kong, where even his sister is not allowed in his room for fear of contracting tuberculosis. He is sent away for the cooler climate of the family's beach house in Tarumi and to prevent spreading the disease to others in the family.

2. How does Stephen feel about traveling to Tarumi?

While Stephen is excited to travel and calls his ability to go to Tarumi alone a victory, he doesn't have high hopes for the time he will spend at the beach house. He fears he will be bored, and expects that painting will be the only thing to keep him occupied.

3. How does Stephen describe Matsu's garden?

Stephen describes the silk tree, pines, rock paths, beach sand, and fish pond along with the "intoxicating" scents.

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