Objects & Places from The Samurai's Garden

Gail Tsukiyama
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Tarumi - This place is the Japanese village where Stephen is sent to recover after being diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Yamaguchi - This place is also known as the Village of the Lepers.

Kobe - This place is where Stephen's father lives.

Hong Kong - This is where Stephen's mother lives.

Canton - This is the city where Stephen attended university.

Lingnam University - This the the school Stephen attended.

Genken - This is the entrance room of a house with wooden benches. This is where shoes are to be removed.

Kare sansui - This is a dry garden made to resemble water through the use of rocks, pebbles, and sand arranged in specific ways.

Tama Shrine - This is the place where the protagonist and his host go to pray.

Matsu's Garden - This is the place surrounding the beach house where Stephen is staying that contains...

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