Daily Lessons for Teaching The Samurai's Garden

Gail Tsukiyama
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Lesson 1 (from Autumn: September 1937)


Autumn: September, 1937

In this chapter, Stephen writes about his travels from college, to his home in Hong Kong, to his father's in Japan, and finally to the family's beach house in Tarumi. In this lesson, the student will explore the way various settings impact Stephen's character, his behavior, and his emotional responses.


1) Class discussion- Our introduction to Stephen occurs in several different geographical locations. Discuss whether his emotional state and behavior are different as a result of the locations, or some other cause. How do you think the locations impact his healing from tuberculosis?

2) Writing activity- Stephen is eager to leave the reclusive home in Hong Kong and to travel. Imagine that Stephen's journey ended at his father's in Kobe. Write a journal entry for his first month in Kobe living with his father.

3) Class discussion- How would Stephen's journal be different if he had...

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