The Samurai's Garden Character Descriptions

Gail Tsukiyama
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Stephen Chan

This character is sent away from home due to an illness and to avoid infecting others in the family.


A caretaker in Tarumi, this character lost a younger sister to leprosy, followed by her suicide.


This person was described as spoiled and beautiful before being afflicted with leprosy.


This person is call the "best rice cake maker" in the area, and eventually commits suicide in a tea house.

Keiko Hayashi

This Japanese character's brother is killed by Chinese soldiers during battle. This incident ends this person's hopes of a relationship with a Chinese love interest.


The main character's youngest sibling, also called Pie.


The main character's older sibling, who was away at school when that person became ill.


This younger sibling of the main character often fought with the youngest sister.


The protagonist's friend who accompanies him home from...

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