The Samurai's Garden Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gail Tsukiyama
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Autumn: September 1937

• Stephen buys a journal to record the events of his solo journey to his family's beach house in Tamuri.

• Stephen describes his reclusive recovery from tuberculosis at his home in Hong Kong.
• Stephen is met in Tamuri by Matsu, a longtime family servant.
• Stephen first sees Keiko and her sister on the beach.

Autumn: October 1937

• Stephen enjoys time alone with his visiting father.
• Matsu takes Stephen to Yamaguchi, the village of lepers, where he meets Sachi.
• Stephen starts to paint Matsu's garden.

• Stephen first sees Sachi's dry garden, a kare sansui.

Autumn: November through December 2, 1937

• Stephen meets Kenzo at the teahouse.
• Stephen's mother writes that his father is having an affair, and she asks Stephen to find out about it.

• A wave knocks Stephen unconscious and damages the garden.
• Stephen and Keiko spend time together on the beach.

• Kenzo discovers Sachi at Matsu's house and calls...

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