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Short Answer Questions

1. Anna called to say that she had broken the bone in her _____.

2. Which of the following is not one of the things that could flatten the house in seconds?

3. Everyone should be conscious of what the ____ is/are trying to tell us.

4. The author lists which of the following as one of his greatest childhood fears?

5. What word is used as a synonym for "boring?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the purpose of writing a memoir at such a young age?

2. Who is Frederick Buechner? Why is this book important?

3. What is Buechner's reference to Eden regarding childhood mentality?

4. What situations have been faced by Grandma Buechner? What is the woman's personality?

5. How does Buechner refer to the exact moment when time begins to exist for him?

6. What are Buechner's thoughts regarding adulthood and emotional maturity?

7. Examine the author's tale of the suppression of grief following his father's death. How does the family run away from the situation?

8. What is the first sign that the world is not always a safe place for little Freddy?

9. How does Freddy carry this character into his future studies and beliefs?

10. Did Buechner leave a suicide note? If so, where was it left and what did it say?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are often many differences between the personalities of the youngest and eldest child in a family, regardless of size. Discuss the differences between Freddy and Jamie. Compare and contrast the brothers. Examine how the boys view family life, their parents and grandparents, father's suicide and last effects of the tragedy.

Essay Topic 2

Freddy was somewhat obsessed with the Land of Oz. From an early age, Freddy was enthralled by the OZ series and its characters. Freddy talks a lot about King Rinkitink. Explain in detail the Land of Oz, its characters, and why it appealed to Freddy.

Essay Topic 3

Examine Freddy's relationship with Naya and Grandpa Kuhn. What was the relationship between Kathy's parents and the boys? What about the grandparents' house gave the Buechners a sense of security that could be found nowhere else? What was unusual about Naya? What was the relationship like between Kathy and her parents? How did Naya continue to influence Freddy's life?

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