The Sacred Journey; a Memoir of Early Days Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. Who is Frederick Buechner? Why is this book important?

Frederick Buechner is a writer who sat down to record the first of his memoirs in a book that was published in 1950. A born skeptic, Buchner turned to religion after he stopped being able to function in his everyday life. A search for something more led Buechner to church and eventually to his enrollment in seminary, where he became a Presbyterian minister.

2. What was the purpose of writing a memoir at such a young age?

Although many people wait to write their memoirs until the end of their lives, Frederick Buechner chose to examine his memories and his mementos, looking for keys to the person he has been and for clues to the person he is becoming.

3. What is Buechner's advice to his readers?

Buechner encourages the readers to look for glimpses of the reader's self in the stories he tells. Buechner also suggests that the reader can examine his or her own life and see what God is saying to him/her.

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